Our vacation to

Taliesin West

Santa Fe New Mexico


A vacation is meant to relax

We went on vacation to see one of the “homes” of Frank Lloyd Wright; actually more of a camp, as defined by Mr. Wright and his apprentices. This was wonderful and interesting to see in person. The tour was excellent even though it was about 105 and you didn’t want to stand outside too long. The tour did include many of the rooms around the site; so you went from hot sunshine to cool rooms on a regular basis.

A related site about FLLW and his art and architecture is at Artsy’s Frank Lloyd Wright page.

We left Taliesin West and went to Santa Fe New Mexico. Katherine took photos out the car as we drove along; these make a wonderful example of the changing and very beautiful desert southwest. In Santa Fe, Katherine attended a medical conference for Cavernous Hemangiomas; also called Cerebral Cavernous Malformations or CCMs. This conference was done by the Angioma Alliance to support doctors and patients. Doctors would get to meet others who were working with CCMs in an attempt to find new surgical ways to remove them; patients would meet other patients who had CCMs and would discuss ways to live with them. When you were not busy with the conference you could walk around in Santa Fe, a lovely city.

The trip back was the problem. About one half of the way back, the A/C compressor seized, destroying the fan belt and causing us to be stuck at Petrified Forest National Monument in Arizona, waiting for a tow truck. While I’ve got nothing against petrified things, when it is over 100 degrees outside you really don’t want the A/C to fail. We got a temporary fan belt installed, using bailing wire and a piece of wood, in Holbrook Arizona and limped back to Poway. A long drive in one day: We left Santa Fe at 10 a.m. and arrived back in Poway at 4 a.m. the next day. David drove the entire way and was quite tired at the end.