This vacation included two stops: Oregon and California.
The Oregon part of the trip was to visit Larry and Annie Grine, Katherine’s brother and sister-in-law. The best part of this stay was the fact that it didn’t rain while we were there. It had been raining for the previous 10 days continuously, and it started raining again on the Friday that we left; and it didn’t rain while we were there.

This meant that we could go out and see some of the interesting gardens and coastline that is part of the beauty that is Oregon, without acquiring the moss that is so prevalent in the photos.

Next we went on to California and a stay at our favorite Bed and Breakfast the Grape Leaf Inn. This trip allowed us to gather information on more wineries, and we joined two more wine clubs: Kunde and Navarro.

We had been going to Navarro and Greenwood Vineyards when on our trips to Husch (where we have been members for several years) and always noted that the wine at Navarro was excellent. This time we joined Navarro and are expecting great things delivered by UPS. The resulting photos along the 128 Highway are always fun. This year it included a collection of barns and a couple of farms. Always a fun trip.

Kunde has had a wine that David has always liked: Century Vine Zinfandel. Our last trip we wanted to go to Kunde, however a special tasting tour was on for the day we went, and we didn’t get back. This trip we made a special point to go and when we got there we joined the club. David also got photos of the bottling line as it was running.

Healdsburg was celebrating its 150th birthday while we were there. Lots of fun in the town square and they did it right with proper banners. (Click on the banner for a larger view.)

An interesting winery called Longboard had a real Woody outside, and a note on the window.

Vacation to Oregon and Healdsburg CA

Oregon Gardens

March 8, 2007


Leaving Oregon

March 9, 2007


March 4, 2007


Oregon Day 1

March 5, 2007


Oregon Day 2

March 6, 2007


Oregon Day 3

March 7, 2007


Oregon Day 4

March 8, 2007