Oregon, Healdsburg, and Santa Barbara


Again we traveled to Oregon and back through the Wine country, this time we stopped at a few more places.

A collect of the best photos is here. These are the photos that I consider better than most and thus have spent time in Photoshop cleaning up, adjusting the color balance and making ‘perfect.’ If you what to see the best of the trip, these are the ones to look for.

On the way up we went to Williams, and then over to the coast to take the 101 north into Oregon. This was far more scenic, allowing us to stop at the redwood forests and take a few walks there. Continuing up the 101 we entered Oregon and stopped for a quick walk to take in their beautiful coastline.

From there we went on to Keizer to stay with Katherine’s brother and family for Thanksgiving and a few more days. David got a chance to shoot a whole lot of different kinds of weapons and in general had a bit of fun doing it. Katherine took a couple of walks, one around the house and the other down the Willamette River.

One thing people in Oregon are used to is the rain. Or as they call it: the Damp. They go surfing when it is raining on the assumption you’re going to get wet anyway. The cold water doesn’t deter them either. I got to watch Larry and Trevor go out in these waves, and then walk to the Devils Punchbowl and take a few photos of the waves crashing into the rocks there. Cold and a little damp, yes, and still a very nice day out.

From there we drove back south on the 5 to Williams (again) and then went across the Lake district to Healdsburg. Again, this was a far more scenic drive than most and as a result we had time to stop and take a few more photos of the beautiful views.

Healdsburg is a great place to stay when in the wine country because it is pretty central to all areas except Napa. As we don’t go to Napa, this works perfectly for us. We always stay at the Grape Leaf Inn. This provides us with a perfect base of operations, and an excellent breakfast every day. David took a walk along the Dry Creek Road, giving him a chance to take photos of things most people just drive by. This trip we spent the entire time checking out new wineries on the Dry Creek Road and the West Dry Creek Road. One of the most beautiful grounds you can find for a Winery is Ferrari-Carrano, David took a few photos of their wonderful garden. With a couple of special stops at Ridge Vineyards and Stonecreek Vineyards.

After all that we went down the 101 to Santa Barbara to visit with Ron Torp, who built our home, and his lovely wife Karen. An afternoon walk on the beach was one of the most pleasant days of the entire trip.

Then home to relax after all this vacationing.


To Oregon and Back Again