2010 Trevor Grine, Kia Parker Wedding Trip


On August 15, 2010 Trevor Grine, the second eldest of our 4 nephews was married to Kia Parker. As this is the first of 4 weddings, Katherine and I flew up to Keizer Oregon to attend. One of the interesting things about this trip is that the wedding happened on the 2 hottest days that Oregon has had this year.

With temperatures at 99 in the shade on Rehearsal Saturday and hitting 95 on Wedding Sunday it was just plain hot. The minister, Trevor’s dad, actually worked on making the service very short to aid folks in getting out of the sun and back into some of the cooler shade.

It was a fun time and the Bride and Groom ran away to a much cooler coastal hotel for the start of their honeymoon and then escaped Oregon completely for California where Trevor works.

The first of our 4 Nephews is Married.