Why Build A House


This is the view from our house. From the bare pad photo on the main page, it doesn't really make since why someone would want to build on such an isolated location, knowing the expenses involved in bringing in water, electricity and a road. Lucky for us we didn't know those costs, and thus got involved in a project which would take the next 12 years.

When you have a view like you see on this page, you really want to get to the finished product. Through the 12 years of work, we had times when we were quite discouraged. This gave us time to think about our choice, and in the end we stayed with it.

Frank Lloyd Wright built houses he called ships of the prairie. Ours turned out to be something like that. A short collection of photos of the finished house give a good feel of the results.

Here is a collection of photos from the air documenting the stages of construction.