Speech and Debate


A Look Back

David was one of the members of the speech and debate team, at Poway High School from 1973 to 1976. Gerry Schimke, the speech and debate coach, retired in November of 2003, and some of the students from those early days attended his retirement party. Some of these photos are contributed by others who attended. (Some pictures are by Bob Combs and are used with his permission.) If you took photos and would like to have me put them up here, send them to me and I'll be happy to add them.

I have been informed by Robin McHeffy St. Louis that Gerry died Nov 12, 2004. To those of us who knew him, he will be missed.

The mortuary services for Gerald Lawence Romulus Schimke were on Friday Nov 19, 2004, and saw five of the team there to honor him: David, Robin, Steve Winton, Lynn Milligan Rosenblum and Kent Brisby. Lynn gave a wonderful short speech on the effect that Gerry had on people, including her success as a person. That can be extended by David noting that he was an Instructor at UCSD for 3 years, teaching Unix Systems Programming, and Unix Operating Systems design classes. Steve is now an Attorney at Law and others from that team have moved on to do wonderful things with their lives. The effects of one person can not be underestimated.

David was honored to be a pallbearer, along with Steve and the military honor guard, to move the casket to it's final location at the cemetery. Taps was played and Gerry was laid to rest at 2:00 in the afternoon.