The San Diego Zoo


The Zoological Society of San Diego

Katherine and David have been members of the society for many years, and have had much fun wandering about its many areas. They have enjoyed many of the behind the scenes tours at the Zoo and the Photo Caravans at the WAP. This is a collection of photos that David and Katherine have taken over the years.


The new Elephant Odyssey opened at the Zoo on May 23, 2009. Katherine and David got to walk around at a night preview on the 22nd.

On Wednesday May 20th, David had a special opportunity to take a night photography class with Ron Garrison. Ron was the head of the Zoo photography group for many years and this was a very fun and educational time.
For mothers day David went for a walk at the Zoo. He encountered the wonderful service dog Dakota. Walking with Dakota was amazing as the animals were much more animated and active. The Tiger was very active and stalked Dakota. The Llamas, Camels and Secretary bird were all very interested in Dakota generating many excellent photos. The Meerkats (always charming) were very active because the dog was there. A wonderful walk.