San Diego Photo Forum


The San Diego Photo Forum (now defunct) had regular photo shoots, and workshops. The photo shoots occurred about once a month and were all over San Diego County; the workshops were scheduled on an irregular basis. Here are a collection of photos from the different events.

Note that these are presented in reverse order, with the more recent appearing at the top.

The second photo shoot was with a group of models that A.J. got together. This series covers the many locations that I wandered about with the models. I had fun learning how to work with them and I hope that they had an equally good time with me. I don’t think that they will be hurting for photos for their portfolios at this time.

These are broken down in order of my taking the photos, with the exceptipn of ‘Misc’ which has all the shots that didn’t rate their own web folder because they were either 1 or 2 of a kind or didn’t fit anywhere else. Please feel free to look around.

The first photo shoot is a trip arranged to get into Petco Park when no-one was playing a game. More than 50,000 empty seats and the opportunity to wander through the high priced box seats and the press booth. Quite a bit of fun.



Hope, Cadden, Liz


Rose Garden

Hope, Liz


Cactus Garden

Hope, Cadden, Liz


Fig Tree Root

Hope, Rhawnie, Liz


Misc Photos

The Group


The Third photo shoot happened in May and was accidentally organized by me. This took place at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park. My challenge was to use only a 90mm lens. This lens has excellent macro abilities and I did make use of it during the day.

A workshop on flash photography techniques was done in mid May. This was strictly to get to know how your flash worked with your camera. It was useful to see how many people attended and how much people got out of it. I know that I learned several things that I didn’t know before and I will be making use of these new techniques in the future.

While not all of the photos in the gallery are related to flash photography, I did have fun by the bay.


Tree Trunk


A walk through downtown in the early (8:30 am) morning. Though it was misty, never raining, it was a fun walk. I had not been downtown at this time of day for many years.