Native Animals


We live with the native animals in the area

This is a collection of photographs which we have taken of the native animals. The first is a collection of photos which show a Red Tail Hawk being harassed by a pair of Mocking birds.

We also have snakes around the the house. This is a collection of photographs taken at a cook-in of a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake. And another with photos of a type of racer found in the breezeway between the house and the garage. For a while we could not figure out who was eating the birds eggs in the nests in the Epiphyllum Garden. Then Katherine caught the culprit. Another snake we have seen is the California King Snake.

There are quite a few lizards around the house, however we only have a limited selection of good photographs of them. This is a collection of the Southern Alligator Lizard.

It’s not all reptiles around the house, one evening David found a scorpion behind his chair. It was pretty amazing that he saw it, look at the pen in the photos to see the scale of the animal.